De Ann Marie Odom


De Ann Marie Odom is an actor, voice talent, and writer who currently resides in Los Angeles.  She relocated to the bright and sunny shores of Southern California after spending many years in the wet splendor of the Pacific Northwest.  She has a deep passion for performance in film, television, voiceover, and theatre.

During her time in Seattle, De Ann was known, at times, to wrangle her adventurous friends and partake in wild and sleepless 48-hour guerrilla filmmaking contests.  She finds all aspects of production fascinating, and 
she dabbles in many pieces of it, including costuming, props, set decoration, production design, location scouting, producing, and editing.  She owns a stellar collection of oddities and vintage costumes and props.

While she now calls Hollywood home, De Ann has lived all over the country, having moved 9 times through 8 states during the first 18 years of her life.  Her love of acting was born from her transient childhood.  Of course, a psychiatrist would probably say the acting bug was more the traumatic result of her ever evolving quest to fit into all of those strange new cultures, but, hey, she doesn't need to pay anybody to tell her that.  When she looks back now, she was grateful for the experience.

Whether in front of or behind the camera, De Ann loves every aspect of filmdom and considers herself a bit of a motion picture junkie.  There is no better afternoon for her - unless, of course, she is on set! - than sitting in the third row (she is blind even while wearing her glasses) for a couple of hours in a darkened, old-fashioned movie house.  She attends weekly motion picture matinees at actual movie theatres (hey!).  Landmark Theatres and Sundance Cinemas should just give her lifetime memberships of free movies already.

She also loves the insanity of dumping her life for a few months to attend rehearsals and long runs in the theatAH. Many moons ago, De Ann went crazy for a couple of years and started a non-profit theatre company with a few actor friends.  If you and your friends are sitting around having too many cocktails after a rehearsal one night and are considering such a wackadoodle idea, talk to De Ann first.  She'll set you straight on the realities of what this means for your life.

Be they for stage or screen, De Ann revels in performing staged readings and table reads penned by her talented writer friends, about whom she marvels at their abilities in writing excellent dialogue, as well as the speed at which they churn out new works.

Happiness for De Ann also includes Gus Van Sant silent takes (she got to perform them while working on one of his films), I Love Lucy, all things Elvis, prairie tales, falling off stages while doing stand-up comedy (um, and other occasions), and once performing as a tap dancing, roasted chicken.  

Fun Fact:  De Ann Marie was named for Marlo Thomas' character, Ann Marie, in the TV show That Girl.  The De came about at the suggestion of her father, on behalf of her mother, to name their only daughter after her since they already had a bunch of boys with parts of his name.  It is one of her (and obviously her mother's!) favorite TV shows of all time, and it is only a fitting foreshadowing that De Ann Marie would also grow up to become a struggling actor, living and loving life in the big city.