De Ann Marie Odom


"If you want to be in show business, don't fall off the stage and remember what your next line is."  - Lucille Ball

Acting Reel

Production Reel
This is a combination reel of some UW student productions and 48-hour guerrilla filmmaking contests (where you write, shoot, and edit a short film in a weekend) for which I have done production design, costumes, produced, edited, etc.  I hope this gives you a glimpse of my cinematic aesthetics, which can vary widely.  I am also acting in some of these pieces.  And please note I did not necessarily edit this reel for storytelling but, rather, to display my work.

French Cafe
This video is a favorite moment from one of my 48-hour guerrilla filmmaking contest weekends.  I always thought this was a mini short all its own so I am finally giving it its due.  And because I love a good backstory about film moments, here is this one:  We shot this about 1 a.m. on a Saturday, which was 6 hours into the 48 hours of the contest.  This was shortly after we shot the tap dancing sailors and clumsy waltzing lovers at the end of the Production Reel above.  The camera tripod was actually in the street because we couldn't get a wide enough shot from the sidewalk.  Since it was deep into the night, cars full of (mostly drunk) revelers were shouting things to us as they stopped at the corner traffic light.  Some thought we were actually trying to have a date.  It was really cold and windy (as you can tell from the blowing tablecloth).  And there was no one to actually run the camera that weekend so we just hit record with the remote, and, in the end, I loved that Barry (and the rest of my boy filmmaking posse) is always game for anything, and we just continued rolling through it all as the wind kept blowing out the lighter and candles.  Some really fun, subtle moments.  And my wig almost caught fire with the cigarette; you'll notice I pull it away from my face as the embers fly.  Think of this as the worst first French date in the history of French first dates!

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